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This Monsoon season why not have some steaming discussions over a cup of hot tea/ coffee by the lake watching the rain?

Let’s Live presents the Monsoon Café – an open space for free and non-judgemental expression of oneself in the backdrop of Kerala Monsoon

When: 09 June 2018, 16 June 2018 and 23 June 2018

Where: At kanthari near Vellayani Lake, Trivandrum

Opening Time: 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM

An informal setting for discussions about any mental/emotional health issues in children and young adults.

Come, have a cup of coffee and talk about your problems. Leave the Café feeling better and lighter!


Day 1, 09 June 2018

Let’s Live’s pilot project Monsoon Cafe was inaugurated by Paul Kronenberg, co-founder of kanthari.

Monsoon Cafe Inauguration by Paul Kronenberg, co-founder at Kanthari

Monsoon Cafe Inauguration

The opening day of Monsoon Cafe was focussed mainly on the issues faced by teenagers. More than 20 teenagers from neighbourhood participated in the interactive session.

The session opened with the concept sharing of Cafe model adopted by Let’s Live. The session led by Let’s Live founder-Director Sherin Noordheen was supported by Thomas and Ragin – co-catalysts at kanthari.

This was followed by experience sharing by Sristi KC from Nepal, who is the founder of Blind rocks, an NGO for empowering the blind.

Experience sharing on parental perspective by Aswathy from India and Samuel from Uganda added colours to the event.

The highlight of the event was experience sharing by Radhika, 20 year old, from Trivandrum, on how she could overcome teenage problems and suicidal ideation and move towards a positive and better life. She is currently doing here second year BSW at Madras Chrsitian College.

The session concluded with the opportunity to explore the beverages and games in the cafe which was arranged by kanthari participants of 2018.

Aswathy speaking from a parent's perspective on the topic

Aswathy speaking from a parent’s perspective on the topic

Kerala State Planning Board Member Dr. Mridul Eapen, along with the girls who attended the session and Ragin Mary Toms who volunteered for the event.

Experience sharing session by Radhika

Experience sharing session by Radhika

The group behind the Cafe on 09 June 2018

The group behind the Cafe on 09 June 2018