Kerala is one of the states in India which boasts about its high literacy rates. The Population of Kerala is 34.8 million. As per the National Crime Records Bureau, in 2015, the number of suicides reported in Kerala was 7692.

Kerala, a state which is known for its high literacy rates is now notorious for its high suicide rates.

The details of reported case shows reasons as:

  1. 45 cases reported for fall in Social Reputation
  2. 88 for failure in Examination
  3. 115 for love failure
  4. 28 for professional failure
  5. 697 for Mental Illness
  6. 3431 for family related issues


These are just the number of cases that were reported as Suicide. Imagine the number of lives that’s lost, that goes unreported due to shame and social stigma. May their souls rest in peace!

Source of Statistics: National Crime Records Bureau

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